Update – November 2, 2016

Fair to say that I got very little riding done this year.

I’m considering the season ‘done’ for 2016, barring any inexplicably nice, dry days.  When the opportunity comes, I’ll be winterising the bike until the sunny days of 2017.



Monday August 22, 2016 – 3.9km

8th ride of the year, a fun one with the kids.  Really haven’t been out on the bike much at all this year.  After last year I guess I needed a break.

I have been doing a lot of running, too.  So, there’s that.


AXIOM Charlevoix LX rack bag

Purchased from Cap’s Bicycles.

In this, I am carrying :

  • “Heist-6” multi-tool.
  • FILZER chain-breaker.
  • FILZER chain wear-gauge.
  • PLANET BIKE air-pump.
  • flashlight.
  • ORONTAS “Type-A” chain oil.
  • ORONTAS “Type-B” chain oil.
  • ACCUTIRE digital pressure-gauge.
  • two pair, purple Nitrile gloves.
  • FILZER tire levers.
  • MEC ATB deluxe patch kit.
  • Spare 26×1.25 tire tube, previously patched.
  • $5 in cash.


Friday June 17, 2016 – 11.2km + 11.5km = 22.7km

7th ride of the year – to D&D.  Despite all the maintenance just done, can’t get away with a clean ride.  The chain locks up near the DMV just south of the ‘Breadstick Expressway’.  Was in 3-5 configuration and dropped it to 3-6 or 3-7 and the chain fell off the rear gearings and wedged between 3-7 and the bike’s frame.  Fortunately with my new ‘toolkit’ on the bike I had Nitrile gloves so I didn’t get my fingers covered in grease this time.  Got the chain free and re-set, and continued on.  Was an otherwise swift ride there.


Lap 2 had the stoppage in it.  Did I pause ?  Must have.

Way home was pretty quick, too.



June 2016 – major work.

Replaced rear pulley wheels with new ones.

Inflated tires.

Soaked chain in MEC bio-green degreaser.  Wiped it clean.  Re-oiled with MEC Type ‘A’ dry-conditions oil.  Checked with wear-gauge; three random spots show 0.5% wear, same as last time it was checked.

Soaked rear gear-assembly in MEC degreaser.  Wiped, washed with hose, dried in hot sun.  Very clean now – degreaser is amazing.

Wiped front chain rings with MEC degreaser, washed with hose, dried in sun.  Scrubbed with old toothbrush.

Chain was catching, slipping in 1-4, 1-5, 1-6 orientation on test rides.  Tightened gear cable at rear DR, aligning to proper on 1-5.  Seemed to fix problem.

Installed kickstand.


All of this was done June 4th, 5th 2016.


Friday June 3, 2016 – 11km + 11.5km = 22.5km

6th ride of the year – to D&D.  About 500m from the end of the ride and the chain goes all slack.  Investigate; the rear pulleys have fallen off.  For some reason the screw(s) worked loose and the smaller of the pulley wheels fell off.  Luckily I could find it 20m back the way I’d come.  Put it back in place, tho it’d only hold if tightened up super-tight.

On the ride home, I was therefore pedalling against a very tight (would not spin freely when prodded) pulley assembly.  SOME REPAIRS REQUIRED.




Friday May 13, 2016 – 11.5km + 11.3km = 22.8km

5th ride of the year – to D&D.  My friend [CH] met me at about the halfway mark, and rode halfway back with me.  10k total for him, great effort given it’s one of his first long rides in a long time.

There :

And back home.  Forgot to start the GPS timer for the first ~300m of the ride.